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New to Hockey?

While ice hockey may seem like a daunting task for you and your child to undertake, the life
lessons are invaluable for developing young girls and boys. Discipline, Teamwork and Self
Reliance are the three main pillars in the development of your child. Discipline, respect for your teammates and opponents within the controlled chaos of the ice rink. Teamwork, five skaters and a goalie in a totally fluid environment moving a puck with a singular objective to score a goal. Self reliance, heavy bag, all that equipment, tying those skates, all things your skater learns to do by themselves in the first few months of ice hockey.

Learn the Facts and Myths!

All the travel

MYTH! for Haven Hockey families games and practices are all within 30
minutes of the school district.

Early Practices

MYTH! Haven hockey practices 7:15-8:30pm during the week at Springfield Icerink

Early Games 3rd grade and older

MYTH! 3rd -8th grade games are Sunday evening at Iceworks or Iceline.

Early Games K-2nd grade

Occasional FACT! The mite program typically has a couple early
games per year, but for the most part they are at reasonable times over the weekend, all at

Equipment is so expensive!

MYTH! Haven Hockey has an equipment locker where we can
help fit you out. There are also supplemental programs that can outfit your child for $150!!

Haven Hockey Tuition is Expensive

MYTH! The mite program at $550 is the biggest bang for
your buck in the area. Once a week practice from Labor Day to St. Patricks Day plus a minimum
of 24 games! That’s 65 hours of icetime, that’s less than $8.50 per hour!!

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